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Climate responsive design,  integrated

eco friendly materials and techniques

A One Stop Platform
for Sustainable Buildings

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Welcome to Eco Collab

The Building and Construction Industry is responsible for 40% GHG CO2 emissions, globally. Buildings can become a part of the solution through low carbon, near NetZero and NetZero initiatives. Green Buildings are a complex, multi-stakeholder undertaking. But here at EcoCollab we have simplified the process in four easy steps, you can connect with us to navigate the complex sustainable buildings landscape and reach your project destination, with ease. Anything you need for a green building project, we have you covered on one platform. Our benchmark buildings can be rolled out at the cost of conventional ones !                        

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Car tail pipe emissions from 

2,00,000 km of travel prevented

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If you have a land parcel and want to build sustainably 

Every site is unique. The sun, shadow patterns, below grade conditions is unique for each site and so must be what is built on it.

Aerial Lake House
If the land you own is 
> 1/2 acre and are 
looking for sustainable concepts

Larger land parcels might have multiple building requirements and need to follow a sustainable masterplan with ECBC compliance

Modern Home Exterior
If your building design or construction is over and are looking for energy & water efficiency 

Sustainable buildings is a combination of eco-friendly measures during design, construction & operation. For more services ...

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