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Rain Water

Before offsetting water consumption and subscribing to consumption monitoring, the first step is to harvest natures bounty that comes down as rain. EcoCollab buildings integrate harvesting rain water from roof tops and other catchment area, which then passes through, gravel / sand filtration into storage tanks. This contributes in achieving SDG 06, directly. In 2020 TEDxBiome Environmental Trust organized a day long event involving citizens, policy makers and entrepreneurs, follow the link to know more about Bangalore Urban water matters . Also Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) became water positive in 2021. harvesting is a practical and attractive tool for water conservation and to provide critical water supplies in disconnected or under-serviced communities. For areas with centralized water distribution systems, a harvesting system may be built to save water or span interruptions, but never to save money. Philip Reidy (P.E) presented a comparative analysis. 

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Recycle & Reuse


Rent on Recycled Water or RoR, is a solution to optimize on liquid waste disposal and reduce pressure on freshwater intake. It closes the water loop by promoting circular economy and envisages a behavioral change towards a sustainable production and consumption (SDG-12). The social enterprise will organize an existing unorganized market through offline services as well as a technological platform.

For smooth running of the marketplace, RoR will provide complementary services such as creating awareness about wastewater to increase its consumption, match making of buyers, sellers, transmitters and O&M for smooth running of wastewater management.

Currently RoR is piloting in Bangalore with the target consumer segments- construction sites, large industries, small medium enterprises clusters, townships, commercial parks, agricultural lands and residential complexes.

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Monitor Water


India has been facing severe water stress and shortage. FluxGen's Sustainable Water Management product AquaGen is an IoT and AI based Water Management system for Industries that helps in Measuring, Monitoring and Reducing water usage. The system is running on the ground with 20+ industrial customers that helps in monitoring and analyzing water consumption, water leakage and excessive water usage for food processing plants, manufacturing plants, Pharmaceutical industries and campuses. Installation of AquaGen aids in Industries going water positive by reducing water wastage by up to 30% with a vision of saving 1 Billion litres of Water per day.