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EcoCollab Services - To PREDICT & EVALUATE Impact

Out of the total emissions, in a building life-span, 50% happens during construction! If we are not focusing on embodied carbon we are missing half of the equation. We deliver energy efficient buildings through passive design, alternate materials, incorporating R.E, water and waste management strategies on-site. Our solutions are self-sustaining and decentralized, thereby reducing carbon footprint, dependencies AC and virgin materials. EcoCollab benchmark buildings reduce 5000 kgs of CO2 e / 1000 sft of built space. Our eco-friendly buildings are comparable to conventional price tags!                         

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  • Climate Responsive Master Plan - Ideal for projects with multiple buildings and site > 1/2 Acre. This helps institutions/corporates asses their project potential, plan and make project related decisions efficiently.

  • Building Simulations and Certifications - Building simulation models is the first step towards applying for "Green Certification". HVAC, Daylight and Artificial light simulations are explored to provide inputs on achieving better operational efficiency. 

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), EPD and ESG - ISO 14040 & ISO - 14044, SEBI BRSR Framework. LCA is extremely beneficial for prototype stage product / project assessment and to roll out improvement interventions for the company/ start-up. LCA is the first step to achieve Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) or Green-Pro Certification. 

  • Applied Research - We do both secondary and primary research for any particular focus area. Few areas of interest Building Energy Utilization, Post Occupancy Green Building Performance and more. 

Climate Responsive Masterplan

Ideal for Multi Building Projects for site > 1/2 Acre. It can be done during concept design phase. It's a high level road map to explore concepts, and access "energy & water" conservation measures. Build a NetZero Vision 

Building Simulations and Certifications

Ideal for projects above

One Cr (INR) in estimated cost. 

. We provide ECBC, ENS, IGBC, NetZero, EDGE & LEED Certification Consultancy


Ideal for companies voluntarily willing to validate the environmental impact, of their business activities or of a product/project prototype. For product companies Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), is the first step towards EPD. 

Applied Research

Not all impacts can me measured quantitatively. If your project or initiative has a social impact and the initiative needs qualitative assessment through secondary and primary stakeholder research, EcoCollab is your partner. 

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