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Passive design techniques and energy simulations can help optimize the efficiency of any structure, and ensure the most desirable solutions. EcoCollab advocates and Bureau of Energy Efficiency mandates, building energy efficiency through simulations for compliance, for ECBC. All our designs follow simple passive design techniques , and simulations to maximize the outputs and returns.

The building design process integrates simulations for the best customer experience. EcoCollab allows the flexibility and supportive approach, if a client wants to pursue "Green Building Certifications", to allow the architectural vision to be fully achieved.

EcoCollab Facilitates EDGE, IGBC, & ECBC  certifications. 

Neev Energy and Sustainable Solutions is a collaborative environmental design and engineering firm specialising in building suimulations and green building certifications. 

Building Energy Simulation

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EcoSoch Solar Pvt. Ltd.

EcoSoch™ was started with a vision to deliver sustainable energy solutions for all. In addition, they believe in conserving energy while generating power through alternate renewable sources. EcoSoch™ got incubated at M/s Sunlit Future, Auroville, in 2011 and emerged as a proprietorship firm in Bangalore. Subsequently in 2015, it evolved into a company - EcoSoch Solar Pvt. Ltd. They started working towards catering to customers' needs for sustainability solutions like rooftop solar power generation systems, energy efficiency/audit services, Electric Vehicle charging, Operation and Maintenance of existing systems, etc. Their team helps mitigate rising electricity bills and the effects of climate change through their services. They achieve this by working on a wide range of opportunities to enhance sustainable results by adapting the latest cutting-edge technologies and bringing them to the market after rigorous testing. 

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