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Alternate building materials and recycled content 


Agrocrete® is a building block made primarily with Agricultural waste, and all upcycled materials. This patented block by is the first and only one of its kind in India, and is an innovation that benefits farmers, air quality and the environment. These blocks are lighter, easier to use and reduce construction time and material, thus becoming cost effective as well. The finish is smoother than conventional materials, and it can be left exposed without plaster, for a unique finish. The biggest advantage of these blocks are that they are carbon negative, and will significantly affect your carbon footprint. 


This innovation is multifaceted, and is quickly forging its way into the mainstream. We have a few links below for you to read more about Agrocrete®  and its various features and benefits.

Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks 

Modular Bricks of Soil-Cement are also called Ecological Bricks. Mud blocks are eco friendly. The red clay, traditional raw material of the conventional bricks are not used to produce CSEB. This eliminates degradation of the environment caused by its extraction. Usually excavated soil is used to prepare CSEB. Another great advantage regarding the ecological issue is, traditional brick production process require ovens powered by coal/ firewood.  CSEB is eco-friendly, generates energy saving and prevents many forests from being destroyed to obtain the firewood. Well-designed CSEB houses can withstand, heavy rains, snowfall or frost without being damaged, with minimum of maintenance. Historians suggest, The Great Wall of China was erected with compacted soil techniques and has been around for more than two thousand years. You can research more to find out about the GW of China. 


For now we have a few research articles and specifications for you to download. Watch this space for more alternate material tech resources. 

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