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Circularity in our consumption will ultimately create the change we are looking for. 


Details of all plastic waste recyclers, processors (co-processing, WtE and incineration) and compostable plastic processing units should be made available on the website of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). This should be mandated by the rules and followed diligently by authorities.


Producers / brand owners should be encouraged to re-design packaging products using homo-(genous) polymer, which will make them easy to recycle and fetch a higher value at the end of the chain. 

The production, distribution and separate collection of compostable plastic should be regulated and monitored. Compostable plastics are exempted from both the list of SUP items that are prohibited for manufacture, stock, sale, import and distribution.

This will encourage manufacturers / producers to introduce existing stock of plastics stamped as compostable to dodge / recover the loss from the ban.

Solid Waste - Journey of Packaging after delivery and product consumption -

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Plastic To Panels 

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