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ECBC is a mandate developed by Bureau of Energy Efficiency  (BEE), Ministry of Power, Government of India

ECBC is designed primarily to address energy efficient buildings in terms of their energy performance ( taking into consideration the climatic regions of the country where the building is located) measured by their use of effective
a) Envelope (walls, roofs, windows) ,

b) Lighting systems ,

c) HVAC System ,

d) Water heating and pumping system and

e) Electrical Power Systems

Links to ECBC and ENS Training Videos by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) 


EDGE is an innovation by IFC, which includes a tool to make it easier to design and certify resource-efficient and Zero Carbon buildings. The main certifier for EDGE in India is GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.)

EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) is operational in more than 170 countries. IFC created EDGE to respond to the need for a measurable and credible solution to prove the business case for building green and unlock financial investment. EDGE includes a cloud-based platform to calculate the cost of going green and utility savings. The EDGE tool has a regularly updated database of city-based climate and cost data, consumption patterns and algorithms for predicting the most accurate performance results.


IGBC is a council which has developed Green Building Rating Programmes which can be voluntarily opted for, it is a part of CII Confederation of Indian Industries

IGBC rates green buildings in terms of

a) Sustainability of Site

b) Effective & Efficient use of Water on site & during operations

c) Energy efficiency

d)Material & Resources and

e) Indoor Environment Quality.


The energy efficiency criteria of IGBC asks the builder / developer to meet ECBC standards


To read more about these rating systems, and understand the differences,  download our comparative table here

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