Made of crop residues and Industrial by-products -- this 100% upcycled building material is carbon-negative. It is lightweight, strong, durable & thermally insulating - helping architects and builders achieve NetZero buildings.

Agrocrete® offers both solid and hollow blocks, and has been tested and verified by CSIR-Central Building Research Institute (CSIR-CBRI), Roorkee.

Innovated, Manufactured and supplied by GreenJams in India, Agrocrete
® is one among their many material innovations, and offers lower construction costs, higher insulation and lesser weight, in addition to reduced requirements of plaster and mortar, and much faster masonry.


Earth Blocks India manufactures different types of CSEBs like Solid Blocks, Hollow Interlocking Blocks and Solid Interlocking Blocks, giving the customer option to choose the type of blocks as per their project requirement.  Earth Blocks also help take up the construction projects involving CSEBs either directly or through handpicked contractors who have good experience in working with building materials especially in earthen construction like using CSEBs.

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Conventionally Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), used in concrete requires huge amount of energy in it's production and is responsible for CO2 emissions.  Research indicates, quantity of CO2 emitted from the geopolymer concrete is around 5 - 6 times lower in comparison with the concrete made by OPC.  Besides the usage of fly ash, red mud, waste glass powder, phosphate sludge, ground granulated blast-furnace sludge (GGBS)  can be used as a cheap raw material for the preparation of Geopolymer. GP based concrete enhances the performance of the structure and is environmentally friendly. 

Tata steel is the largest supplier of GGBS, in India. Few renowned cement companies uses GGBS / GP as an alternative to OPC in their cement manufacturing. 

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