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AgriBioPanels by Strawcture, are compressed agrifiber panels made of more than 90% straw and a proprietary binding adhesive and then compressed at a high temperature & pressure. The panels come in 3 grades and in thickness from 8mm – 35mm.

  • Agri-fiber green panels are extremely strong, durable, and resilient to extreme conditions.

  • Cutting-edge research in agri-fiber compression and a state-of-the-art manufacturing setup. Strawcture offers the best eco-friendly and sustainable product for all interior and furniture requirements.

  • Agribiopanel is a completely sustainable, green building solution for a circular economy by re-using natural resources such as farm wastes in manufacturing construction materials.

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Made of crop residues and Industrial by-products -- this 100% upcycled building material is carbon-negative. It is lightweight, strong, durable & thermally insulating - helping architects and builders achieve NetZero buildings.

Agrocrete® , by Green Jams offers both solid and hollow blocks, and has been tested and verified by CSIR-Central Building Research Institute (CSIR-CBRI), Roorkee.

Innovated, Manufactured and supplied by GreenJams in India, Agrocrete® is one among their many material innovations, and offers lower construction costs, higher insulation and lesser weight, in addition to reduced requirements of plaster and mortar, and much faster masonry. Please find  few explanatory links from Green Jams 


CSEBs (Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks) are available as Solid Blocks, Hollow Interlocking Blocks and Solid Interlocking Blocks, giving the customer option to choose the type of blocks as per their project requirement.  EcoCollab specifies the required typology of CSEB depending upon client/project requirements. There are several manufacturers who provide CSEB in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. 

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