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ECOCOLLAB AT GBC 2022 - Hyderabad

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The Building and Construction Industry is responsible for 40% of Global CO2 emissions. There is an opportunity to build our future buildings sustainably. Founded by Architects as a platform, to mainstream eco-friendly buildings and to simplify “building” sustainability for end-users. We deliver energy efficient buildings by passive design, alternate materials, incorporating R.E, water and waste management strategies on-site.


Our solutions are self-sustaining and decentralized, thereby reducing carbon footprint and dependencies on virgin materials and large infrastructure supply chains. We also undertake building energy simulations, green building certifications (ECBC, EDGE, IGBC) and LCA analysis, for projects. EcoCollab is a “one-stop-shop” for eco-friendly buildings, at the price of conventional ones !


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700 million people in India do not have access to safe drinking water. 72 per cent of India’s water supply is seriously polluted with sewage effluents (largely due to open defecation practiced across the country) and in 30% of India’s 600 districts, even groundwater is considered unfit for consumption.

Terafil is a low-cost water filter made of natural materials invented by The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - CSIR (IMMT) Bhubaneswar, supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Terafil water filters do not need electricity to function, is affordable and free of maintenance. Affordable and natural, it is highly suited for the poorest districts of India which often do not have access to continuous electricity.

Watsan Envirotech Private Limited, based in Chennai was established in May 2013 with the purpose of manufacturing and distributing low-cost Terafil water filters to urban slums and rural families who cannot afford other expensive options.

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Living Greens is India's first and largest Urban Organic Farming Company that was founded in 2013 with A MISSION TO CONVERT THE BARREN EXPOSED ROOFTOPS IN THE CITIES INTO LUSH GREEN ORGANIC FARMS

By doing this, it not only endeavors to create the shortest supply chain of fresh organic produce but also offer a sustainable nature-based solution (NBS) for cities to become cooler and greener.


Besides creating Green Walls a.k.a VERTICAL GREENSCAPES, it also creates highly innovative LIVING BILLBOARDS which can constantly purify the air in high traffic areas of the city, thus acting as the GREEN LUNGS of the city.


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Straw is left over waste when cereal crops are harvested. In India, annually around 500 Million metric tonnes of straw is produced, out of which nearly 40% is burnt, leading to air pollution, health hazards and economic losses. At the same time, buildings separately contribute 1/3rd to Global GHGs. 

Strawcture Eco has come up with a disruptive innovation to tackle both of these problems. AgriBioPanels are engineered panels made of 96% straw and a proprietary binding adhesive as an alternative to carbon intensive building materials. 

AgriBioPanels are 100% Carbon negative, emit lowest VOC, and are fire, moisture and termite resistant. Our Vision is to make buildings act as carbon sinks first, and only later, emitters.

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