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Rain on Roof


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Rain on Roof

Valuable Resources

Water is the most precious commodity on earth. Where there is water there is life. Please watch this space for more water saving research and info. 

Rainwater Harvesting 

Rainwater harvesting is a practical and attractive tool for water conservation and to provide critical water supplies in disconnected or under-serviced communities. For areas with centralized water distribution systems, a harvesting system may be built to save water or span interruptions, but never to save money. Philip Reidy (P.E) presented a comparative analysis, please click to download below. 

Natural Water Filter 

The unique benefits of using Watsan Water Purifier is

Runs without Electricity
Needs minimal Maintenance
Needs no replacement of any cartridges and membranes
Rinse, clean the filter candles, no other maintenance necessary, lifelong performance!
Comes with a guarantee and Warranty with Government approved technology and license.

Watsan makes custom filters based on a particular location water quality. 

Arsenic Removal Terafil Water Purifier:
Removes arsenic, meeting IS 10500 standards, and is an attachment which comes below the standalone water purifier as filled cartridges

Fluoride Removal Terafil Water Purifier:
Removes fluoride,  meeting IS 10500 standards. Fluorosorb (C) our proprietary nano material doped on calcium stones acts as fluoride remover, when the fluoride ridden water is soaked with the medium for at least 8 to 12 hours. After that, the fluoride removed water is poured into our standard Terafil Purifier to remove any other contaminants, if any.

Community Water Purifiers:
WATSAN offers 200 Capacity & 2500 capacity Community Water Purifier solutions for a complete village, or a cluster of Households, Schools, Housing Societies, and other institutions heavily dependent on groundwater, like Hotels, Cloud Kitchens, Hospitals, Restaurants, Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and many more.

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