Rain on Roof


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Rain on Roof

Valuable Resources

Water is the most precocious commodity. Where there s water there is life. Please watch this space for more water saving research and info. 

Recycled Water Rentals and Water Monitoring

Recycled water is surrounded by myths. Treated recycled water is not only very environment friendly, it reduces our water footprint by a substantial margin. Using recycled water in simple day to day applications will definitely help in mitigating the water shortages faced by most cities today. It isn't even necessary to treat your own water. We have vendors who will provide you with opportunities to buy, as well as sell recycled water (if you have a surplus), making this a financially viable, and an environmentally feasible transaction. 

Being conscious about the environment means watching and reflecting on our every decision. Water usage and bills play a huge part in that. A water monitoring system is merely the next step towards ensuring lower bills, efficient water usage and optimized living. 


For now we have a few research articles and specifications for you to download. Watch this space for more water resources. 

Water Tanks